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Telephones are one of the fundamental requirements of any business, and yet most businesses still make do with dated equipment and lack of features when it comes to their phone system.

At Southern Solutions, we provide a completely hosted and managed VoIP telephone system which allows for expansion and customisation to a degree that no physical phone system can provide.

Completely Hosted
The fact that the phone system is completely hosted means you can use it from anywhere! All you need is an internet connection and a pre-configured phone or a mobile with the mobile app and you are ready to go. It even works over 4G!

Completely Managed
If you need any changes made to the phone system then we can facilitate all of your customisations. Due to the system being hosted we can make changes immediately from our offices which are then pushed through straight to your phones.

We can also run diagnostics and health checks remotely from our offices in case you experience any issues, but will of course continue with the Southern Solutions ethic of making a site visit whenever necessary without hesitation.

Full of Features
The feature list for our phone system is extensive. Far more features are available on this hosted VoIP telephone system than any conventional phone system. The flexibility of this system also allows these features to be enabled and disabled with a few clicks to fit around the current requirements for your business.

There are too many features to list here, but above is a short selection of the most used features by our customers.

All of our systems are tailor made to your requirements, so please do call us for a chat with one of our sales team.


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