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Building the right foundations is integral to any business.
We have been providing expert consultation, design and implementation of data cabling and infrastructure since we began.

It starts with a full consultation with expert advice and a detailed design brief so that our trusted, fully certified professionals can implement your structured network with a guarantee. All of our installations are tested and certified to industry standards for complete peace of mind.

A photo of some cables showing the connectivity and infrastructure services on offer.
A laptop and some cables, displaying the connectivity and infrastructure services that Southern Solutions offer.

A project from
scratch would include
but is not limited to:

  • Structured cabling design and implementation
  • Internet connectivity provision
  • Hard wired and wireless infrastructure installation
  • Virtual network design and implementation
  • Conference and meeting room setup

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you improve my existing infrastructure?

Of course! In some cases you may already have suitable infrastructure, so there will be no need to replace your equipment. We may, however, be able to find some improvements that will speed up your connectivity.

We don't get great WiFi signal, what can we do?

We utilise meshed networks to ensure you can get signal to any location in your property. If you are not able to get a strong enough signal in a particular area, we can just install an additional wireless point to get you ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6 speeds.

What is network connectivity?

Network connectivity is used to describe the link between 2 or more devices. Pretty much every computer, television, smart watch, printer, and mobile phone is connected to a network. The network could either be a Local Area Network (LAN), or a Wide Area Network (WAN). LAN connectivity is the connection between devices that does not include the internet, such as the connection your office computer has to a server. WAN connectivity is the connection your device has with other devices connected via the internet. All businesses rely on some sort of network connectivity these days.

What networking speeds will we get?

Local networking speeds depend on the equipment you are using internally. The standard speed on wired LAN connectivity (a network cable plugged into your computer) is 1Gbps. If you utilise servers and advanced storage equipment, you may find your office LAN connectivity is 10Gbps. Regarding internet (WAN) connectivity, that depends on what is available in your area. Most small businesses are on FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) which is capped at 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload. Many businesses these days have the option for FTTP (fibre to the premises) or Leased Lines which carry speeds in excess of 1Gbps and should be used where connectivity is critical to running the business.

Can you set up a network that supports home working?

Remote working became the norm in 2020, and we assisted all of our customers ensuring they could work remotely. Most customers were already able to work remotely as they utilised Microsoft 365, but we can certainly help businesses that would like to become more flexible with their working policies.

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