In the summer of 2022, one of our Marine-based clients relocated their business operations to a new boatyard due to expansion. This move allowed for the construction of a new office space and a state-of-the-art boat building facility.

The project involved designing a new network from scratch, something we love getting our teeth into. We collaborated with the client to install design and build the network with future additions and enhancements in mind. This included:

  • Full infrastructure re-wire of new facility to include 10GB fibre backbone between production areas and localised Cat6 outlets.
  • Provision of 1GB / 1GB leased line with 5G failover.
  • Installation of a WatchGuard Firewall for network security.
  • Full feature Unifi Wi-Fi system for comprehensive connectivity in all parts of the premises.
  • Migration of the existing network infrastructure/hardware including a cleanup of the physical equipment.

The subsequent phase focused on planning the transfer of the current network, encompassing several servers, CCTV, a storage array, and power redundancy. The new network rack was designed around existing and new hardware with organising the physical equipment for a cleaner appearance and enhanced security in mind. Our team devised a network wiring diagram and 2D plan of the network rack top to bottom, detailing the placement of each device and the cable layout.

Further planning involved designing the connectivity solution for the new location, featuring a new high performance leased line and Wi-Fi system. A full 2D schematic of the space was created, and the Southern Solutions technical team got to work building the solution. This included installing 10 Ubiquiti Unifi access points and 7 Unifi Pro switches for high-speed connectivity throughout. Ubiquiti Unifi hardware was also used for the fibre aggregation. Fibre cable was used as the backbone through the buildings to connect network switches to allow for 10GB speeds with failover. Two segregated networks for staff and guests as part of the plan to maintain data confidentiality and protection were commissioned.

The final planning step centred on selecting a firewall to safeguard the network. As long-standing WatchGuard Gold partners, we were well placed to spec and implement a WatchGuard M390 total security package.  A secure WAN connection to the old premises was configured to ensure seamless access to necessary data until decommissioning the old office.

The relocation and plan were executed over a weekend by the Southern Solutions tech team. Come Monday morning, staff could enjoy a seamless transition to the new premises, fast and secure connectivity regardless of location.

Southern Solutions specialises in both physically relocating, designing, and implementing networks. Using experience, we ensure the correct connectivity is installed, with a focused layered security approach for IT assets and data protection.

If your business is expanding or relocating and you want to get it right first time, then do not hesitate to give Southern Solutions a ring for invaluable advice.