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Published: 08 / 09 / 20

Outsourcing your IT can have considerable benefits; this can include cost savings but also an increase in productivity for your staff. Of course, you may already know this if you currently outsource your IT support. But the key question is, is the level of support working for your business? We understand that IT can be a daunting subject and sometimes it’s easier to stick with what you know, however, sometimes taking that step to make a change can reap huge benefits and have a massive knock-on effect in a positive way for your business.

When we decide to make a change in behaviour we go through a sequence of thoughts, in commonly used models these start with precontemplation, where we are not aware that a behaviour or choice is causing a problem or limiting our success, and don’t intend to make a change in the foreseeable future. This then progresses through to contemplation; in this stage, we recognise that a decision or behaviour is a problem and plan to take action in the foreseeable future. Then comes preparation, where we are now ready to take action and are making small steps towards change. Action then occurs when we have made the change in the behaviour. We then move onto maintenance where we have made changes and have been sustaining them for at least six months.

Many of you may be at the precontemplation stage regarding your IT support, you may already have a provider and have been happy with their service in the past but are just starting to see gaps in the service, or you have always covered your IT support in-house but growth in the business has now made this unrealistic. Often this won’t move through to contemplation until you see a negative impact on your business, possibly a reduction in productivity or inefficiency. Even then, making a change can be a daunting prospect; will it cause our business downtime, be costly or take staff away from daily tasks in getting set up?

If you’re at this stage, get in touch with us, we’d be happy to talk about the level of IT support we provide, answer your questions and reassure you that the change will be a smooth process, in fact, you’ll probably not notice any disruption, just relief when we take the stress of your IT out of your hands. We’ll also happily put you in touch with satisfied customers of ours.

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