Why should we outsource our IT, we’re doing just fine?

Published: 13 / 09 / 19

There are many things that we outsource as a business; servicing our fleet, our office cleaning, our telecommunications and much more. So why is it that many businesses leave it so long to outsource their IT support? It’s easy to think, we can just click on a help option and that will solve our problems. Without IT support in place businesses can be left floundering, causing delays and headaches for you and your clients. How many times have you felt like banging your head on the computer keyboard because that update that you’ve been ignoring for ages is now taking forever to complete, or that error message you’ve been ignoring just won’t go away?

For these clients, the decision to outsource their IT was made simple by Southern Solutions;

“I decided to use the services of a professional IT company from day 1 … (it) was a business-critical decision for me and I am glad I made it. I decided to switch my IT provision to Southern Solutions, and they had made the transfer by the end of the day, it was very smooth with no hiccups at all. Now Southern Solutions are looking after my IT I feel in very safe hands.” Lucy Rumming, The Willows Insurance Services

“I had a bit of a moment of clarity where I realised that we couldn’t manage it on our own anymore because it was all becoming a bit technical! … We contacted Southern Solutions having met Chrissy through networking and then had a great meeting with Oli where we talked non-techy because we’re clearly not IT experts! … Dave then came to our office for an afternoon and went through our IT issues and gripes with us, cleaned it all up, gave us some hints and tips and just made it much much better!”  Boo Donovan, Troy Accounting

In the age of digital transformation, an IT system failure can affect much more than just your computers. With so many devices connected to the Internet of Things (IOT), an IT issue can mean a complete shutdown of your manufacturing machinery or EPOS system. Having good IT support in place will enable your business to carry out its essential day to day tasks, without having to panic about error messages or critical system updates. If they do pop up you have an expert team at the end of the phone to provide a solution for the problem.  

What does great IT support look like?

We feel that great IT support is pretty simple, after all it’s what we provide day in, day out. For many of our customer’s we’re just like an internal IT department, just not based in their office! The first key aspect of great IT support is having an expert at the end of the phone, not just an upskilled call handler, one who actually picks up the phone and deals with your issue in a personable and easy to relate to manner, promptly. We understand how much system down time costs your business in revenue and reputation.

Great IT support will bring you…

Peace of mind

Increased productivity

Cost savings

Implementation of relevant and cost-effective tech for you


An expert on call

Don’t neglect your IT system and leave it until something costly goes wrong, put into place great outsourced IT support that is there for you when you need it. We are proud to say that we never turn away a phone call or request for help. We do whatever we can to help you, as we understand how frustrating an IT issue can be. We operate a fully manned technical helpdesk with the option for out of hours support, so you can rely on us to answer your call and rectify your issue as quickly as humanly possible.

Speak to us today about looking after your business IT.

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