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These days, adequate security is a must for any business making use of IT. Protection against viruses, intrusions and network attacks can save time, money, and your business. With a combination of our network protection and IT security solutions, you will have a technological fortress!

Antivirus – We have rigorously tested antivirus solutions to provide the product that we believe performs the best for our customers. A long-standing partnership with ESET gives you the best antivirus protection for the lowest price. With the experience and training received by ESET directly, we consider ourselves one of the most effective providers of ESET products to small businesses in the UK and make use of ESET administration software to provide a central reporting location for the antivirus status of all the computers in your business.

Firewall – Firewalls exist to protect your network against attacks and intrusion. Where there is a connection there is also a point of attack for malicious code or hackers. We provide Watchguard and Sonicwall solutions which sit at the edge of your network to scan all incoming and outgoing requests, blocking anything that isn’t necessary for business continuity and eliminating the risk of breach.

Monitoring – A security concern that many business owners overlook is their own staff. While browsing the internet, chatting with friends on social media, or playing games, they can be putting your business information at risk. We can supply monitoring tools that report internet usage, chat logs and email monitoring as well as other useful information. If you want to get more of an overview of what happens on the computers in your place of work, we can provide you the visibility.


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