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The threat of IT systems failing is ever-present, and the impact data loss has on a company is too great to ignore. We offer disaster recovery solutions to keep your data protected against hardware and software failure, theft, fire and any other disaster you can think of!

How often do you backup your servers, and how quickly would it take you to restore that backup onto another server in the event of a fire? Our solutions take multiple daily snapshots of your servers and copy them to local storage. This storage is then replicated instantly or overnight to offsite storage. This ensures that in the event of a disaster you have access to your data within 4 hours, and a full recovery within 12 hours. We use the latest technology to ensure that a disaster can be turned into a bump in the road, and your business doesn’t suffer.

Not only is our IT disaster recovery solution ideal for restoring your servers to an identical copy within hours, but can also be used as a daily backup in the event of accidental deletions or overwrites. We can restore previous copies of files for as far back as you would like to go, and it takes less than 5 minutes for us to do so.

We test our disaster recovery products regularly, performing test recoveries specifically for your environment to ensure that the technology is always performing well for your needs. These tests consist of restoring the latest backup that we have offsite onto a DR server we have in the office that is ready to be deployed to any customer in the event of a disaster.

Disasters are only disastrous if you don’t prepare for them.

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Recover from a disaster in 12 hours

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