Backup as a Service or Restore as a Service?

Published: 15 / 02 / 18


Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions these days are becoming more and more reliable as a means of protecting company data, however very few organisations look at the ability and impact of restoring and accessing the data.

Whether it be tapes, network drives, removable drives or cloud storage that is used to store your backups, the only things that you should be looking at are the questions surrounding the restoration of that data.

Lets look at some of the questions surrounding restoration of data in the event of a catastrophic failure, the worst scenario (that we can think of), your offices catching fire and all your systems melting:

  1. How quickly can our data be restored?
  2. Do we have a medium to host our data (server, workstation, cloud)?
  3. Who will restore our data?
  4. How will we access that data?
  5. How much of our data is backed up effectively?
  6. How much of the infrastructure surrounding the data is backed up?
  7. How secure is my backup?

This is when managers are usually shocked by the answers they receive. It is not uncommon for companies to find out that their super-secure cloud backup is only a file backup so they will have no easy way of restoring that database or their emails, not to mention that the data will take 2 days to download over their internet connection. It is also common to find out that a backup will take a week to restore to allow for the order of a similar server and time to restore the backup to it. This is where backup as a service companies need to more clearly set out expectations.

This is where we think the industry needs to change. We should abolish the “Backup as a Service” solutions and focus on “Restore as a Service” solutions. Why have a backup service that you cannot quickly and effectively restore from, or that is only stored in a single location?

To answer the questions above with our disaster recovery platform:

  1. How quickly can our data be restored? – Within 2 hours
  2. Do we have a medium to host our data (server, workstation, cloud)? – A dedicated restoration server is available located wherever you choose
  3. Who will restore our data? – We will
  4. How will we access that data? In the same way you currently do, our restored server is an exact duplicate of your current system
  5. How much of our data is backed up effectively? All of it, we perform complete server snapshots
  6. How much of the infrastructure surrounding the data is backed up? All of it with our complete server snapshots
  7. How secure is my backup? All backups and backup transfers are secured with a minimum 128bit encryption as standard, with 256bit available.

Lets head back to the office fire scenario. A fire has taken out all of your computers and servers. You use the Southern Solutions Backup and Disaster Recovery systems to ensure your servers and 1 workstation is backed up and replicated to our data centre. Now we’re going to get you back up and running! as quickly as possible!

  1. We apply your latest backup to our live recovery image – 10 minutes
  2. We create an empty template of your server on our dedicated recovery system – 10 minutes
  3. We configure the live recovery image as the bootable server drive and apply boot configuration – 20 minutes
  4. We boot your server system as an exact copy of your (melted) in house server and configure networking options – 20 minutes

We can do the above with a workstation too if you need one to access the data.

When up and running, we can deliver the server to a premises of your choosing straight away (priority over all other support we are offering at that time) and you are back up and running!

The above scenario allows for secure, reliable, and efficient storage and replication of your backups.

Ask your backup provider the right questions, and ensure you are properly protected!

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