Remote working… how to do this securely, be productive and stay sane!

Published: 29 / 04 / 20

With more and more businesses closing their offices to implement social distancing and setting staff up at home, the shift to remote working has become a reality for many people. The technology of today means that it is possible to work remotely productively and securely, however, there is no doubt that it is a definite transition for businesses. In recent weeks we have been concentrating on ensuring our clients can carry out the majority of their business functions on a remote basis.

If you’re used to the hustle and bustle of an office, remote working is a little strange at first, being 100% productive can be difficult but it’s all about getting into new habits. The key is having the right tech infrastructure in place to enable employees to carry out their work. Secure connections to data and applications also needs to be considered and should not be overlooked.

Some tips for successful remote working

  • Make a plan, having a clear plan in place will make you more productive. Knowing what tasks you need to complete, and when, will give you a basis to work around. There are useful time tracking apps such as Toggl that enable you to measure how long you’re spending on a task.
  • Work out when you’re most productive, try to ensure this time is distraction-free so that you can devote quality time to your work.
  • Set snack breaks so that you’re not constantly raiding the kid’s snack cupboard, and drink lots of water, staying hydrated wards off headaches and lethargy.
  • Take exercise breaks, whether that’s jogging on the spot for 10 minutes, doing a YouTube exercise video or running/cycling around the block (where still permitted).  
  • Ensure that your home network is secure, connecting a VPN to your office may open your office up to infections if your home network is insecure, so ask for help and guidance.
  • Set up video chat check-ins with your team and co-workers. There are many apps available, for example, Microsoft Teams is a great free tool to keep in touch with your staff if you are already using Office 365.
  • Hold meetings or events for staff, customers, and contacts. Teams can achieve this very easily, and Zoom is offering fantastic online meeting spaces.

When working remotely employees must keep their device safe, if it falls into the wrong hands you could risk a huge amount of sensitive company data being leaked. So how can we practically secure our devices?

  1. Log out of your device when you are not at your desk, the last thing you need is a curious child sending your boss an email!
  2. Set a strong password, see our previous blog for our Technical Director’s tips on this… the key is don’t write it down and never stick it to your machine!
  3. Don’t leave the device unattended, for example in your car.
  4. Protect your data with full disk encryption so even if the device were stolen no data could be obtained.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been setting up all our clients to varying degrees with the ability to remote work securely and efficiently. Our service hasn’t changed, we’re still providing great IT support day in, day out. Just give us a call for advice on how to get your business set up to remote work.

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