Keeping Childen Safe Online

Published: 14 / 05 / 20

At this time more than ever, it is important to minimise the risk to children going on the internet. Our Technical Director Dave has put together some helpful tips that are easy to put into place:

1. Net Nanny – Net Nanny is a great application for managing and monitoring your child’s use of a computer and mobile device. There are other products available, but this product has a comprehensive list of features such as website filtering, time management, and app blockers. This product keeps your children safe on instant messaging, social media, and internet browsing and a must have for any parent with a young child.

2. Education – A primary defence should always be educating your child regarding things such as: – Never providing your address online – Never speaking to strangers – Never sending anyone pictures.

3. Mobile Data Filtering – Controlling what your child can access while remote can be tricky if you are not using something like Net Nanny, but most mobile operators will restrict access to 18+ websites if you ask for it to be enabled on the account, and many do it by default.

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