Hosted Exchange – Why You Need It

Published: 16 / 10 / 15

Exchange 2013

More and more businesses are moving over to hosted (or cloud) solutions to provide their core business services such as email or file storage. One of the first things to move is email. The most commonly used business email server is Microsoft Exchange, and most businesses will have a physical server in their office providing all email and calendar services to employees. This is quickly becoming the most popular cloud service for businesses, and companies are finding that monthly subscriptions for email saves them time and money in the long run.

Here is a comparison of in-house vs our hosted Exchange services:

  In-House Exchange Hosted Exchange
Backup/Disaster Recovery 3rd party solution will be required for backup Automatically backups up mailboxes and retains for a month
Support 3rd party or in-house support required We take care of any Exchange support requirements
Management 3rd party or in-house (and trained) manager required We take care of any changes or management you would like made
Resilience Additional servers need to be purchased for resilience Network spanning the UK offers multiple levels of resilience
Anti-spam Basic spam filtering included, efficient 3rd party solution recommended Basic spam filtering provided, upgradeable to advanced scanning
Remote Access Webmail available requiring SSL certificate to encrypt traffic and can be slow on most broadband connections. Mobile devices can be setup, but can require additional steps. Webmail provided, fully encrypted and fast access on all mobile and desktop devices. Mobile device setup fast and easy.
Shared Resources Public folders, shared calendars, and shared mailboxes available. Public folders, shared calendars, and shared mailboxes available.
Storage Storage limited by how much storage the server has available. 50GB per-user included.
Hardware Server hardware required running in-office. No in-office hardware required to run Exchange.
Software Server operating system licence

Exchange Server licence (CAL)

Microsoft Outlook license (if using Outlook)

Outlook can be purchased via monthly subscription
Network Requirements 1 x Static IP address

Regular blacklist checks (to ensure you are not being blocked as spammers)

Any internet access

Savings can be huge when costs of hardware, software, support and management are catered for. Plus the added costs and worries of a suitable backup and disaster recovery solution are eliminated by using a hosted Exchange system. You can see why hosted Exchange is becoming very popular.

All features of Microsoft Exchange are retained in the hosted version, so you do not need to compromise on functionality. We are available to add,remove,update,troubleshoot, and discuss any requirements you may have.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 08451 808030.

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