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Published: 19 / 01 / 21

On our networking travels we hear lots of business owners moaning about the amount of IT Support businesses there actually are out there. It can be off putting to hear the same pitches stating they provide the ‘best support’ so who do you pick?

Do you stick to the same ‘mate’ who has helped you for years (even though you have probably outgrown their support capabilities), Do you go it alone and employ a basic IT assistant ‘in-house’ or do you outsource to a bigger IT company? Just who do you talk to? Can it really save you money? How do you ensure the right company benefits your company? Phew so many questions

Well here is a list of the benefits to outsourcing but also some handy questions to ask when you have decided that you are ready for support.

  1. Cost – Probably not as much as you think! The cost of outsourced IT support can vary depending on quality and scale. It also depends on each businesses individual needs.

If you have never had IT support the questions to think about are:

  • How many staff do I have
  • How much IT equipment do we use
  • Do we have security concerns and data to protect
  • Is staff productivity affected when trying to resolve IT problems themselves

Once you add this all up, it costs you money and potentially more than an IT company would charge.

Larger companies who require in house support can also benefit from the extra expertise an outsourced company can provide meaning that the in house team can be smaller and in turn cost less.

2. Expertise – Continual professional development with vaster experience and a sizeable knowledge base is a clear benefit to an outsourced IT company because they support a wide range of businesses.

3.Availability – Not all outsourced IT support is the same, for example Southern Solutions can provide 24/7 support for companies that require it. If your IT support is provided by one person what happens when they go on holiday or you require support at 3am?

4. Security – This is one of the top concerns for any business. Outsourced IT support companies have vast knowledge and skills when it comes to security. They specialise in protecting against cyber threats with advanced security methods and equipment. They also have the expertise required to ensure the infrastructure is in place for security compliance. There is no point just having expertise in one of these areas and paying different companies to provide each bit when you can have it all in one place. The cost of data breaches far out ways the cost of an excellent IT company.

5.Range of services provided – This can be a real positive for businesses, these include helpdesks with a range of experience providing:

  • advice as and when you need it
  • IT project management
  • IT support
  • IT Security
  • Network design
  • Monitoring
  • Education
  • Compliance

All in one place!

6. IT Disaster Recovery РThe cost of an IT disaster (fire, ransomware) is huge. Outsourced companies have the recovery planning, equipment and knowledge to implement an effective Disaster Recovery Service. This will relieve worry, and without a doubt money.

7.Trustworthy advice – We can’t emphasise this point enough. By partnering with a trustworthy IT Support Company you gain an expert ally.

Building a professional relationship with an IT support company that has the right level of expertise and knowledge to push your business further is of huge benefit to you.

It is not about the size necessarily, an IT company with 4 or 5 expert, knowledgeable staff may be able to support you better than a larger IT company with 20 junior staff so make sure you ask questions

  1. How do they provide support?
  2. Can they support all of your systems so that you only have one phone call to make for help
  3. How easy is it to contact them via email and phone and what about out of hours
  4. How do they keep up to date with the latest trends and technology.

Ask to be put in touch with similar companies to yours that they are already supporting for testimonials. At Southern Solutions we encourage new clients to talk to our existing clients to really understand the type and level of support we offer. Then ask more questions

  1. Are you happy with the level of support? Could any more be done?
  2. How easy is it for you to contact them via phone or email
  3. Is it easy to talk to them and can you understand their jargon?
  4. Do you trust them and their advice?
  5. Do they know your systems inside out?

If you think your IT Support needs to be reviewed please call the Southern Solutions team and ask for Oli on 02382 022099

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