Disaster Recovery is Replacing Conventional Backups

Published: 21 / 09 / 15


Here at Southern Solutions we are noticing a huge shift in the market around backups and disaster recovery. In the past disaster recovery services have been fairly costly and could be complicated and for those reasons it was often reserved for large businesses. That is not the case today.

With software solutions now available for disaster recovery issues, it has become cheaper to implement a disaster recovery plan. Features of disaster recovery software have also developed and many solutions now allow you to replace your conventional (potentially file-based) backup solution with a complete disaster recovery solution. Complete server systems, single drives, single files or even a single email can now be restored using backups taken by your DR system.

DR, to describe it broadly, allows you to restore your server to a recent state in time before a disaster strikes such as a virus outbreak or fire in the office. Many solutions allow for hardware independent restore, so you can restore your server onto any computer available. Many file-based backup methods only allow you to restore files and folders to a previous time, which means if your server is out of action you need to purchase a new server, reinstall the operating system and reconfigure the system to provide the base for providing the original services to you again. This is time consuming.

The standard configuration of a Southern Solutions disaster recovery solution can be described in the following way. A backup is taken onsite, at an interval of your choosing, and saved on a network storage device (NAS). This backup is then copied over the internet (fully encrypted) into storage in our data centre. This allows us to restore your server from backups stored in your office (assuming the disaster did not damage your office NAS), or using a backup stored with us. Either way, we get you back up and running using your most recent backup, and with the high reliance on software, rather than hardware, options for replacement servers and flexible DR features mean the solution can be tailored cheaply to fit your needs. Why use the old methods when a feature-filled and cheap alternative is available to you?

Please contact us to discuss possible DR solutions that may help secure your business data.

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