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May 16


Windows 10 Start and Search Not Responding

We have found that a few customers may have issues when trying to open the start menu when using Windows 10. In a lot of instances, when clicking the start button or trying to use the search box the click is not registered and the start menu will not open. To resolve, follow these steps: Check for and repair Windows corruption 1. Right click on an empty area of the taskbar and select "Task... Read More »

Oct 15


Hosted Exchange – Why You Need It

More and more businesses are moving over to hosted (or cloud) solutions to provide their core business services such as email or file storage. One of the first things to move is email. The most commonly used business email server is Microsoft Exchange, and most businesses will have a physical server in their office providing all email and calendar services to employees. This is quickly... Read More »

Sep 15


Disaster Recovery is Replacing Conventional Backups

Here at Southern Solutions we are noticing a huge shift in the market around backups and disaster recovery. In the past disaster recovery services have been fairly costly and could be complicated and for those reasons it was often reserved for large businesses. That is not the case today. With software solutions now available for disaster recovery issues, it has become cheaper to... Read More »

Aug 15


Windows 10 – Should I Upgrade?

Windows 10 was released at the end of last month, and we have had some hands on experience using the new operating system on our computers here at Southern Solutions. Current reviews of the operating system are quite divided, so now it's our turn to have a say. We are getting asked this question every day since the start of August. Should I  upgrade to Windows 10? The answer is not a simple... Read More »

Aug 15


What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office can be expensive. To efficiently send emails and write documents you need to purchase a suitable copy of office which can cost easily over £200, and unfortunately using Microsoft Office is a must if you want to guarantee compatibility between computers and users. Due to the expense of Microsoft Office, we are more frequently seeing customers looking for alternatives and... Read More »

Aug 15


Managed Antivirus – Saving You Time and Money

When it comes to antivirus, we have you covered. Choosing the right antivirus software can be confusing and stressful, and when you are choosing a solution for your business you need to get it right to ensure your computers are adequately protected. You may also be asking yourself "how am I going to manage all of these clients?". Southern Solutions have worked closely with ESET UK to offer one... Read More »

Mar 15


What is Disaster Recovery?

  In this article we will answer 2 very common questions asked by customers: What is disaster recovery? Followed closely by: Do I need it? All of our customers have a daily backup in place which will protect against any file deletions or corrupt data that can occur for any number of reasons. These daily backups ensure that you never have to worry about deleting a file or... Read More »

Mar 15


What is the Best Disaster Recovery Solution?

Southern Solutions have been providing Disaster Recovery solutions to customers in Hampshire, Dorset, and the Isle of Wight for some time now, and we have a firm grasp on the components required to bring your business back up to working order in the event of a disaster. The first thing Southern Solutions do when looking at a new disaster recovery project is ask the question "What is the... Read More »

Feb 15


No line? No problem!

How would your business run on a day to day basis without IT equipment or an internet connection? One of our customers was put in this very unfortunate position when BT failed to correctly book a new line install for an office move. Having no internet connection may affect your business more than you think! No email, no ability to look for contact numbers and no access to the websites they... Read More »

Feb 15


We are now a Dropbox Certified Solutions Provider

Last week we worked hard to pass the accreditation to become a Dropbox Solutions Provider, and we can now provide you with the best rates for your Dropbox Business accounts. Dropbox is a cloud file storage system which allows you to synchronise your documents, images and other files between computers and mobile devices situated anywhere around the world. This comes in extremely useful for... Read More »

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