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Sep 18


Southern Solutions have a new office!

  It's an exciting time for us here at Southern Solutions as we have now moved into our new offices based in Whiteley. The company is growing, and with that growth we require the space and infrastructure to support it. Our new offices come with a lot more space and super-fast high-availability connections which allow us to provide more services directly through our infrastructure and... Read More »

Jun 18


Managed Security for your Growing Business

The number of cyber attacks are at an all time high with no signs of slowing down. To make matters worse, cyber criminals are focusing on small to midsize businesses, as they see them as easy targets compared to large organizations with dedicated IT security teams. Don’t fall victim to these cyber criminals, and don’t stress about adding dedicated headcount to stay ahead of these... Read More »

Jun 18


Monitoring for your Network

We are now live with a new network monitoring platform which enables us to monitor customer network services and server systems. With agents now deployed across all customer networks we are monitoring key services to ensure that if something happens at a customer site, we are the first to know. The new system offers many more features than our old system, and we can now monitor for pretty... Read More »

Feb 18


Backup as a Service or Restore as a Service?

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions these days are becoming more and more reliable as a means of protecting company data, however very few organisations look at the ability and impact of restoring and accessing the data. Whether it be tapes, network drives, removable drives or cloud storage that is used to store your backups, the only things that you should be looking at are the questions... Read More »

Apr 17


We have a new member of staff!

Southern Solutions now have a new member of staff working on the technical team. Ben Whatley has joined us after several years experience in the IT industry, and will be a major point of customer contact on our support team. Ben brings with him knowledge in workstation and mobile device support as well as being an experienced server and mailbox... Read More »

Nov 16


We have redesigned our Office 365 packages!

We have now redesigned our Office 365 packages to include managed antivirus protection. This includes remote monitoring of each antivirus seat which allows us to pro-actively discover issues with any computer's antivirus system. To see our newly designed Office 365 packages please click... Read More »

May 16


Windows 10 Start and Search Not Responding

We have found that a few customers may have issues when trying to open the start menu when using Windows 10. In a lot of instances, when clicking the start button or trying to use the search box the click is not registered and the start menu will not open. To resolve, follow these steps: Check for and repair Windows corruption 1. Right click on an empty area of the taskbar and select "Task... Read More »

Oct 15


Hosted Exchange – Why You Need It

More and more businesses are moving over to hosted (or cloud) solutions to provide their core business services such as email or file storage. One of the first things to move is email. The most commonly used business email server is Microsoft Exchange, and most businesses will have a physical server in their office providing all email and calendar services to employees. This is quickly... Read More »

Sep 15


Disaster Recovery is Replacing Conventional Backups

Here at Southern Solutions we are noticing a huge shift in the market around backups and disaster recovery. In the past disaster recovery services have been fairly costly and could be complicated and for those reasons it was often reserved for large businesses. That is not the case today. With software solutions now available for disaster recovery issues, it has become cheaper to... Read More »

Aug 15


Windows 10 – Should I Upgrade?

Windows 10 was released at the end of last month, and we have had some hands on experience using the new operating system on our computers here at Southern Solutions. Current reviews of the operating system are quite divided, so now it's our turn to have a say. We are getting asked this question every day since the start of August. Should I  upgrade to Windows 10? The answer is not a simple... Read More »

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