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Jan 21


Have you tried turning it off and on again?

On our networking travels we hear lots of business owners moaning about the amount of IT Support businesses there actually are out there. It can be off putting to hear the same pitches stating they provide the 'best support' so who do you pick? Do you stick to the same 'mate' who has helped you for years (even though you have probably outgrown their support capabilities), Do you go it... Read More »

Jan 21


Turned your webcam off?

In April 2020, according to, 46.6% of people in employment did some work at home with the vast majority (86.0%) of these homeworkers stating it was because of the Coronavirus pandemic. With a 2021 lockdown now starting, getting advice for remote working and implementing suitable systems is becoming overwhelming for business decision makers. There is plenty of... Read More »

Nov 20


Managed IT Support – The reliable and proactive solution for your business

We speak to many people before they become customers, who say “we just call X IT support when we have an issue”. This is great; however, it is reactive. Ad hoc IT support will not ensure that updates are carried out when required and will not monitor your systems for any potential issues, such as potentially catastrophic viruses. When we onboard a client for managed IT support, we undergo a... Read More »

Oct 20


Cybersecurity – Top tips to protect your business

With October being Cyber Security Awareness Month, there is no better time to talk about the measures we’d advise you have in place to protect your business. Scarily, Riskbased reported that in the first half of 2019, data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records. Protective measures can be anything from installing anti-virus software for a single user organisation, to having a full disaster... Read More »

Sep 20


Make that change to achieve better IT support

Outsourcing your IT can have considerable benefits; this can include cost savings but also an increase in productivity for your staff. Of course, you may already know this if you currently outsource your IT support. But the key question is, is the level of support working for your business? We understand that IT can be a daunting subject and sometimes it's easier to stick with what you... Read More »

Aug 20


Cyber Security – ACT NOW!

As we mentioned in our previous news article, with more workforces based remotely and set to be so for the foreseeable future, there is a new cyber security risk on the horizon. Your organisation may well have a cyber security policy relevant to ‘normal’ times when staff were all based predominantly in one location, but have you updated that for your new, remote working set up? Most... Read More »

Jul 20


Remote Working – Risky Business?

Company workforces are slowly returning back to the office, however many companies out there are extending their flexible workplaces until the end of the year or even indefinitely. With staff working from home, companies face a new set of security challenges that must be tackled to maintain the security of their data. We could throw shocking statistics at you that show just how important... Read More »

Jun 20


Did You Change to VoIP in Time?

Did you manage to answer calls while your office was closed? With people working from home, or offices permanently downsizing, a flexible phone system has become the norm for many businesses. With a simple VoIP phone system you have the ability to easily answer calls to your office number from anywhere. Here are some of the great features of our phone systems: Phones that will work in any... Read More »

May 20


Keeping Childen Safe Online

At this time more than ever, it is important to minimise the risk to children going on the internet. Our Technical Director Dave has put together some helpful tips that are easy to put into place: 1. Net Nanny – Net Nanny is a great application for managing and monitoring your child’s use of a computer and mobile device. There are other products available, but this product has a... Read More »

Apr 20


Remote working… how to do this securely, be productive and stay sane!

With more and more businesses closing their offices to implement social distancing and setting staff up at home, the shift to remote working has become a reality for many people. The technology of today means that it is possible to work remotely productively and securely, however, there is no doubt that it is a definite transition for businesses. In recent weeks we have been concentrating on... Read More »

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