Education… IT education is essential to protect and grow your business

Published: 04 / 11 / 19

Education… some of us love it, some of us feel petrified at the sound of the word! Regardless of how you may feel about education, it is incredibly important in the world of IT. Educating your staff, for example, in how your software works at induction stage and at regular, scheduled intervals, ensures they are using it correctly for their job role. This will help to increase productivity, bringing in more revenue for your business. Another essential area of IT education is around cyber security, as we have learnt in previous blogs, 95% of cyber breaches come from your own staff. Ensuing employees are up to date in their cyber security training is essential in order to protect your business.

Technology evolves constantly, we bet that since your last IT training session you have been alerted to a system update that you’re just not sure whether to run. Either that, or your virus protection is asking you to run a scan that you’ve perhaps been ignoring. Both situations can contribute to hardware issues, cyber breaches and ultimately, system downtime that could cost you money.

Our training is available to all contract customers and covers a variety of topics that include;

New starter inductions – we help to get your new starters up and running, arming them with the essential IT knowledge on their hardware and software. Providing them with the correct cyber security information in order to stop breaches, preventing potential disasters.

Identifying training gaps – our Webroot package is a cyber security awareness product, it both educates and assesses users on their cyber security knowledge. Reports can be sent to relevant parties within your business and to us, here at Southern Solutions. We are then able to identify training gaps and rectify those in a prompt manner.

Cyber security education – we are happy to educate anyone, from individuals to large groups, on cyber security. We are passionate about preventing breaches and protecting your business.

Office 365/OneNote – how many of your staff are using their Office 365 software to its full potential? We know all there is to know about these applications, our training is bespoke to your area of business, helping your staff get the best out of these products.

New IT product launches – there are so many decisions to make as a business owner or key decision maker, we make it easy for you to decide which IT products your business will take the most benefit from.

We not only provide education for our clients; we also believe that in house education is incredibly important. Every one of our staff members is up to date with the latest cyber security and system updates relevant to our business. Meaning that we really are the IT experts to speak to! Test our knowledge next time we’re out and about visiting you….

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